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In the new economy where we are forced to work harder, think smarter and do more with less, The Moffett Company will show you how to turn clients into customer advocates and that is the recipe for sustained success and unlocking your greatest potential.

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It's not just business, it's personal

I'm Sean Moffett from the Moffett Company and I think we can agree, business IS personal!

After the financial crash we witnessed in 2008 the landscape we do business in has changed. Back then we used language like customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations. Today, we see our clients now know their dollars are far more precious than ever before. That's the new economy.

As a result, our clients are no longer looking to be satisfied - they need to be electrified! We need to do more than just exceed their expectations, our clients are looking for authentic care - a true reciprocal relationship. They will invest in us as we invest in the them.

So what does that look like?

While it's true that excellence in your field is critical, it is also true that the process by which your clients receive your goods and services is becoming equally important. So in effect, our ability to deliver our expertise is directly linked to our ability to control the experience for our clients. Drop the ball somewhere in the process and chances are, your competitor will pick it up. You need to create an environment where your customer comes first!

That's what The Moffett Company is all about.

We are committed to developing excellence in 3E.

3E is the three dimensional experience that creates customer advocacy. We equip your experts with the skills necessary to gain and maintain your clients' trust. This will allow your team to demonstrate their EXPERTISE, to EXECUTE their roles and deliver the EXPERIENCE only your organization can!

So in the new economy where we are forced to work harder, think smarter and do MORE with LESS our objective is to provide the skills necessary to keep your experts on top!

When you can do that, you turn clients into customer advocates and that is the recipe sustained success! This involves a change in the way we think about client interaction. Recognizing that everyone involved in servicing your client plays a role in that execution and experience. In fact, everyone in your organization plays a role in the sales process. How effective that role will be is up to you.

Often times the term 'sales' gets a bad rap, often times for good reason. Simply put, it's the exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or it's equivalent. Anything we do to encourage that transaction forms the EXPERIENCE our clients get. At the Moffett Company we promote a positive experience. An experience designed to build authenticate relationships with and for your clients. If your competitors choose to give sales a bad name, well, in any business there are things that you can control and things that you can't. Wisdom suggests we focus only on those things we can. How we relate to our customers is absolutely in our control.

That is what the new buyer, in the new economy is looking for.

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